quick last post of 2020

As per usual, this part of the year is proving to be extra busy even though I told myself it wouldn't be because all the holiday shows were cancelled. It's been really lovely to see how many people are shopping locally. A sweet pal of mine put together a very handy guide for shopping locally, and there is a similar guide for Toronto.  CHeck it out here:

Other than being slammed for the holiday season I'm also working on a really exciting project with two rad people that I'm excited to share when we've got all the details worked out... Stay tuned!
One last thing- I was able to donate $125 from Novembers sales to the Community of Africville Liberation Fund which is a mutual aid fund for former residents and descendents of Africville. If you follow the GoFundMe page for the fundraiser here you can read a bit more about the history of Africville and what is going on today. Thanks everyone!

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